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Offering luxurious cashmere that will last a lifetime


Story Cashmere was born out of a simple yet passionate vision. There was a point I started to notice an influx of cashmere products of varying quality in all sorts of shops, which led me to question the industry as a whole. If cashmere was a luxury product that came from a special type of goat, how come there was so much everywhere now?

Driven by a desire to know the origin and ethicality of cashmere, I embarked on a journey to create a small business that you could trust. A high quality product that’s responsibly sourced.

Combining a love for versatile travel items and cashmere, I set out to establish a brand that offers simple, luxurious, and versatile pieces of exceptional quality. My aim was to create items that would resist the need for frequent replacements, deviating from the standard approach of the retail industry.

Fond memories of cherished clothing items that still bring immense joy inspired me to provide customers with outstanding quality and timeless pieces at fair prices.

I discovered our yarn provider from Inner Mongolia, who are known for their commitment to excellence, their unwavering support of the farmers and ethical treatment of animals. Their yarn, combined with their adherence to luxury standards in production, ensures our products withstand the test of time and become part of your personal story.