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Looking after your cashmere that will last a lifetime

how to care for your cashmere


Cashmere, a luxurious natural fiber, requires special care to ensure its longevity. To maintain the pristine condition of your cashmere, it's important to be mindful of certain factors such as heat, prolonged water contact, and moths.

While a small portion of cashmere is now labeled as machine washable, our cashmere products are not included in this category. We highly recommend avoiding machine washing unless you have prior experience with machine-washing cashmere and are confident in the process.

In our experience, the best way to care for cashmere is through gentle hand washing. Using a mild detergent like baby shampoo, delicately cleanse your cashmere. Afterward, gently press out the water and lay the garment flat on a bath towel to dry.

Avoid soaking your cashmere, as this can compromise the fiber's integrity and result in misshapen clothing. Always refer to the suggested washing directions and understand the associated risks before considering machine washing.

Remember to refrain from wringing out your cashmere. Instead, gently press out the water to preserve its quality.

Bleaching cashmere should be strictly avoided.

To store your cashmere, opt for folding instead of hanging, as this helps maintain its shape and structure. During warmer months, wash your cashmere before storing it in a cotton bag. The natural fibers of cotton act as a deterrent to moths.

Here are some recommended practices for caring for your cashmere: 

  • Dry clean at a reputable dry-cleaner
  • Or hand wash gently
  • Reshape and lay flat to dry
  • Use a cashmere comb for any pilling
  • Some Pilling is normal

Remember, a certain level of pilling is normal and can be addressed easily. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your cashmere remains in impeccable condition for years to come.