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Offering luxurious cashmere that will last a lifetime


It's funny how as we get older the meaning of luxury becomes nuanced in the smallest of ways.

For me, that ceases to resemble a car or a watch or a pair of shoes – as oddly there is too much functionality in those items.

These days luxury to me has become a subtle gesture that fulfils little in terms of practicality or functionality. Luxury becomes the everyday, for no other reason than for the sheer 'luxury' or indulgence of it or put plainly 'self-love' of it. To me these days, that means lighting a Cirré Trudon candle, every evening – just because - and enveloping myself in one of my Story Cashmere wraps, at any given opportunity. The feeling I get is one of elegance, beauty and calm composure.

Story Cashmere wraps are more than just that, they are a pick-me-up, a statement and the embodiment of luxury on the move.

Naomi, Cape Town


I’ve been in the luxury fashion industry for almost two decades, so quality and beauty are a must when I purchase something for myself and my clients.

I always travel with my Story Cashmere wrap - I even have to pack an extra for my kids. The colors have beautiful pigment and I love the color ways selection.

The pricing is incredible you can afford to buy a new color each season!

Gina, NYC


My cashmere oversized wrap literally goes everywhere with me.

I’ve gifted one to all my family, and I use mine on a daily basis when it’s cool. For school drop offs, watching the kids sports, over my legs in front of Netflix. I have two colours and will definitely buy more! They wear amazingly too, don’t pill and can be machine washed.

They are so beautifully soft, durable and add a luxury soft look/ feel to everything.

Jo White, Hong Kong