Cashmere is a natural fibre; it is affected by heat, prolonged contact with water, and moths!

These days, more cashmere is labeled as machine washable; not much, but you do see it. Ours isn't, and we don't recommend putting it in the machine UNLESS you've washed cashmere in it many times before and you know what you're doing!

In our opinion, the best way to maintain your cashmere is by hand washing it using a gentle detergent (like the Laundress or even baby shampoo), gently pressing the water out of your cashmere, and then drying it flat on a bath towel.

Never leave your cashmere to soak, as this will soften the fibres and can lead to misshapen garments.

Never put it in the machine without acknowledging the suggested washing directions and knowing the risk.

Don't wring out your cashmere; pressing the water out is essential

Please don't bleach cashmere.

Do not hang; folding is better for your cashmere.

During the warmer months, wash your cashmere before storing it in a cotton bag, as moths do not like to eat through cotton.


  • Dry clean at a reputable dry-cleaner
  • Or hand wash gently
  • Reshape and lay flat to dry
  • Use a cashmere comb for any pilling
  • Some Pilling is normal